Troubleshooting Theme Issues

There are a few common steps that can help diagnose and pin point issues with your theme.

1. Compare your store to one of our demo stores:
Blockshop -
Maker -
Local -

If the issue exists on our demo store then you may have spotted a bug - please notify us and we'll get on to it straight away.

2. Try different browsers & devices
It's worth trying out different browsers, such as chrome, safari, or firefox. If you're only seeing the issue on one browser then you can upgrade it to the latest version. Browser plugins or extensions can also cause conflicts, so again if it's just the one browser causing the issue, you can try disable these plugins. 

3. Grab a fresh copy of the theme
If this resolves your issue then it might be occurring due to some recent custom code changes. Contact your developer and get them to revert any obvious or recent changes to the code.

4. Compare with another theme 
There are certain functionality limitations to Shopify out-of-the-box which aren't related to themes. You can download Shopify's Brooklyn Theme for free to compare core functionality between themes.

5. Disable Apps
If you've tried all the steps above and are still experiencing the same issue you should try disable any recent Shopify apps or ones you think might be related to the problem. E.g. If your issue is occurring on the product page, look for any apps related to the product page such as product reviews, product subscriptions etc.

If you find that a particular Shopify app was causing the issue it's best to contact the app developer first, as they will be more familiar and have probably dealt with this conflict on other themes. 

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