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Store menus

Menus can be added and edited in your store admin under Online Store > Navigation. 

Below shows two example menus, one for your Main Menu and Footer.  

Single dropdown menu

To create a dropdown menu, add a new menu with a title that reference the parent link. For this example we will be create a dropdown menu for "Catalog".

Multi-column dropdown menu

To create a multi-column dropdown menu, repeat the entire process above.  

For this example, we will create menus for "Men", "Women" and "Accessories", shown below: 

Tiles and handles

Please note that your title will become your menus handle, making any capitalized characters lowercase and replacing any spaces with dashes. 

For your dropdown menus to work correctly, the menu handle has to match the name. 

Previous versions

Versions 3.3.1 and below allow for up to 3 levels of menu items. To set up your menu, you'll have to follow a simple naming convention shown below:

The first level menu must be named Main Menu.

To create a  second level menu, create a new menu and name it after one of the parent icons the main menu. The third level needs to reference the name in the second level separated by a '>', so:  

Shop > [name of link in second level menu]

Video tutorial:

Blockshop Theme - Create multi-column sub menus from Troop Themes on Vimeo.

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