Maker - Header, navigation and footer

Header - Logo

To ensure your logo displays nicely on retina screens, upload your logo 2x the size.
For example, a logo 100px high and 25px wide, should be uploaded at 200px high x 50px wide.

You can set the size of your logo using the Custom logo height range slider. Logos 50px and below will display inline and will be constrained within the header. Logos above 50px will overflow over the header and sit above content. 

Inline logos 50px and below 

Overflowing logos - 50px and above


Menus can be added and edited in your store admin under Online Store > Navigation. 

Below shows two example menus, one for your Main Menu and Footer.  

Single dropdown menu

To create a dropdown menu, add a new menu with a title that reference the parent link. For this example we will be create a dropdown menu for "Issues".

Multi-column dropdown menu

To create a multi-column dropdown menu, repeat the entire process above.  

For this example, we will create sub menus for Issues with "All Issues", "Popular" and "Current Issue" and "Sale", shown below. Any sub menu items that don't have a child menu, will be styled to the left, shown below.

Tiles and handles

Please note that your title will become your menus handle, making any capitalized characters lowercase and replacing any spaces with dashes. 

For your dropdown menus to work correctly, the menu handle has to match the name. 


You can add a horizontal menu to your footer by creating a menu in your Navigation section with the handle "Footer".

If you want to remove the "Powered by Shopify" - you can follow Shopify's instructions

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