Local - Header, navigation and footer


The header runs across the top of your store containing your logo, navigation, search, account login and cart. This is a static section and cannot be repositioned.


Your store‚Äôs logo provides branding for your site and a clickable link to return to the homepage. 

To ensure your logo displays nicely on retina screens, upload your logo 2x the size. For example, a logo 100px high and 25px wide, should be uploaded at 200px high x 50px wide.

You can upload an inverted (or alternative ) logo to display on darker modals, shown below:


Menus can be added and edited in your store admin under Online Store > Navigation.  

Navigation - Single dropdown menu

To create a dropdown menu, add a new menu with a title that reference the parent link. For this example we will be create a dropdown menu for "Shop".

Multi-column dropdown menu

To create a multi-column dropdown menu, repeat the entire process above.  

For this example, we will create sub menus for Shop with "Collections", "Type" and "Gift Packs" and "Sale", shown below.

Any sub menu items that don't have a child menu, will be styled to the left. In this case "Gift Packs" and "Sale".

Note - Navigation Tiles and Handles

Please note that your title will become your menus handle, making any capitalized characters lowercase and replacing any spaces with dashes. 

For your dropdown menus to work correctly, the menu handle has to match the name. 

Modal Button

Local has a customizable button in in the header that triggers a modal that displays your business listing information and contact form. If you have a physical store, you can add in your address and opening hours in the General Settings > Physical store

Alternatively, you can customise the button to be used to link through to a page, product or collection, shown below:


You can link any menu to display in your store's footer by creating a menu in your Navigation section and referencing it your theme settings. 

If you want to remove the "Powered by Shopify" - you can follow  Shopify's instructions

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