Maker - Pages and Page Templates

Your store's Pages are used for information that rarely changes but is used often for things such as an About page, Contact page and Shipping information. You can add as many pages as you like to your store under Online store > Pages, and configure where they appear in our store's navigation, see Menus and Links.  
There are also a few pages like the Cart page that are generated automatically by Shopify, but have some customizable features. You can access these by navigating to them in the theme editor.   
Maker comes with four different templates for your page templates

Page (default) - Maximum width of 600px 

Page wide -  Maximum width of 1000px

Contact - This will append a contact form to the page content.

Custom HTML - This doesn't include any formatting and allows you complete control of the spacing and layout. These pages require some basic html coding knowledge.

Read more how to  Compose HTML content on Shopify, then if you're comfortable with coding basic HTML you can check out our article on coding custom HTML Page Content

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