Set up Instagram - Create your Access Token

To set up your instagram feed you will need to go through a short authentication to create a unique access token. This is due to Instagram's changes in API policies 

Create your Access Token

1. Go to
2. Click Generate your access token 
3. Log in to Instagram
4. Authorize the request from Troop themes 
5. Copy the Access Token into the form in your Social Media section 

Note: Fix for Blockshop versions 2.1.0 (November 13th 2014) and below

1. Open your theme.liquid in the  code editor and copy and paste this code just above the closing </body> tag (2nd last line). 
2. You'll now need to generate an access token as explained above.
3. Copy and paste your access token into the 6th line of code from step 1, replacing the access token between the quotations.

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