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Dynamic homepage sections

Blockshop's homepage sections are dynamic, which means you can add as many of them as you want and rearrange them in the sidebar to create a unique storefront layouts — with the exception of the Header and Footer, which are fixed design elements. 

When you install your theme it will have several dynamic sections enabled already. These are merely suggestions for how you might structure your homepage.  
If you want to create a new section, click  Add section and find it on the list. If you don’t want to include a section, delete it by clicking the delete button at the bottom of each section. 

Read more about Sections


The Slideshow allows up to 6 slides with caption boxes including a title, tag lines and a call-to-action button for each slider. You can also adjust the text box positions on each slide to suit different imagery.

Captions are optional - to remove captions and make the entire slider clickable, simply leave the Title, Tagline and Call to Action Title fields blank.

To enable modal video for a slider, simply paste in the video URL to the field.
You need to include an image on video sliders - a play button will overlay over video sliders and when clicked, a modal window will open and play the video.

The slider will support images of different heights, although we recommend using images of the same height. 

Featured Collection 

Featured Collections can be customized to feature any collection of products on your storefront.

First you’ll have to create a collection and then you can select to display that collections products.
You can display up to 20 featured products in the product slider. 

Examples could include; New Arrivals, On Sale, Daily Deals, Seasonal Specials, etc.

Featured Grid  

This section can be used to create grid-based layouts that can link to other areas of store. 

For best results, use images that have the same aspect ratio. 

Social feeds

In the Social Feeds section you can create a customised feed using one or a combination of Instagram, Twitter and Blog widgets.

Individual widgets will adjust their width depending on how many are enabled.
For example, to create a full-width i nstagram  feed, disable the twitter and blog feeds. 

To set up your Instagram feed, you'll first need to create an access token see - 
Set up Instagram - Create your Access Token


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