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Storefront Layout

Sections is a Shopify feature that allows merchants to assemble pages from customizable components - or 'Sections'. Read more about Sections

Here you can enable, disable and reorder sections and blocks of content within them to create a unique storefront layout.

Autoscroll Option

This settings enable vertical autoscrolling. 

Image with Text Overlay 

These panels allow you to use a combination of images, video, text and call-to-action buttons.

Recommended image sizes for text positions are: 
Top/bottom - 1800 x 700px
Middle - 1800 x 1000px
Left/right - 1000 x 800px

To enable a video button, simply put the URL of a Youtube or Vimeo video into the "Video URL" field. The video button will launch a model for playback.

If you would like to change the text of this video button you can find that in your Language settings - see: Changing theme's default text

If you would like make the entire slide clickable, without a call to action button - simply include the url of the link and leave the link Button Text field blank.

Featured Product 

Feature product slides are generated automatically from a product's content and will create a maximum of six slides. The second slide (2/6) will pull and excerpt from the product description and display your second product image, and the following slides will generate from product images. 

Featured Collection 

This panel will generate up to 6 slides (or 5) slides depending on whether you have an intro image enabled.
The recommended dimensions for the intro image are 1800 x 1000px 

Blog Posts

For the Feature Posts panel, you can choose whether your slides are created automatically or manually. 
The automatic setting will generate slides dynamically from your latest blog posts (up to 5). Alternatively, the manual setting allows you to curate what is shown on each slide by adding in content and images that link to various social media channels. 

There are 3 different layouts for the Press panels which are determined by the aspect ratio (shape) of the image. These layouts are - landscape, portrait and or square (roughly).

Newsletter Popup 

Configure the mailing list in the General Settings > Popup section and social icons in the General Settings > Social media section of your theme settings. 

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