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Product Page

Maker's product page arranges its content dynamically based on the number of product images and their dimensions. 

Alternative Templates  

If your text is dark and the featured product image is dark then the title might blend with image and will be hard to read. You can use an alternative template for individual products to help alleviate this.

Alternative title color -  To change this color open up the theme editor and navigate to Templates > product.alternative-title-color.liquid Instructions can be found on the first line and the color code can be changed on the second.

Title below - This will drop the title below the featured image, and place it just above the variants.

Kickstarter - This template configures a product page to be used in conjunction with a Kickstarter campaign. For more information, see Maker's Kickstarter Guide  

If you would like to change the button text to something else see:  change theme's default text.

Product title positions

You can choose to display your product titles in your feature image panel, or push it below the image.    
You can toggle between these by checking the box shown below:

Hiding variant images

In some cases, you may want to hide variant images from your product pages. To do this, tick the "Hide Variant Images" checkbox. An example of hidden variants is shown here

Social Sharing

You can enable/disable product sharing and configure which channels to share to in the in the Social Media section of your theme settings show below: 

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