Custom HTML Page template

You can use the following code to create spacing between content:

<div class="spacer spacing--5y"></div>

You can choose between 7 different variations of spacing, the smallest being spacing--1y and largest spacing--7y. The y refers to vertical spacing, you can use the syntax spacing--3x for horizontal spacing and omit the x/y for both. So spacing--3 would have horizontal and vertical spacing.

This will create a panel with a centered maximum width:

<div class="spacing--3y bg-color--panel">
  <div class="page-wrapper">
    Your content here...

The bg-color--panel class will use your Panels Background theme setting. If you'd like a transparent panel then you can remove that class.

The page-wrapper class will restrict the centered content to 600px wide. You can add in a wide class like below to increase that to 1000px.

<div class="page-wrapper wide">

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