Local - Collection Listing, Collection and Product Pages

For detailed instructions on how to set up products to sell on your store, check out Shopify's guide on Products and Collections

Page display settings

You can customise your display settings for the Collection listing, Collection and Product pages in your Theme Editor. Navigate to the page you wish to edit and you'll see the settings pop up in the Theme Editor specific to the page you're on.

Local has a few unique features for the collection listing, collection and product pages which you can configure to suit your needs. 

Product grid 

Quick add to cart buttons 

You can turn this feature on/off in your General Settings > Product grid

Product Descriptions   

Products include an optional description summary that displays in the product grid and on product pages. By default, Local will add the first few lines of the product description.

To control what is shown in the product description, use the Meta Description in the product admin shown below.

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