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Tips for improving page load time

There are a wide variety of factors that can affect site speeds, below are some general tips we recommend for optimizing page speeds in your store.

Consider your page content

Pages with a higher amount of content, such as homepages with a high section count, typically will load slower. If you feel a page is loading slowly, consider removing or combining section content.

Audit third-party Apps

Shopify Apps can have a significant effect on load times as they often add additional CSS or JavaScript code that must be loaded. Third party apps can also interfere with the default functionality of your theme.

Please note that disabling an app on this dashboard may not completely remove the app. You may need to check with the app's documentation or support team for detailed uninstall instructions. Read more about disabling apps and using our advise on using apps with themes.

Optimize images

Consistent and high-quality imagery is key to ensure a professional-looking store, but it's important to find a good balance between image quality and image file size when saving images for your store.

Check out these articles on how to optimize images for your store: