Adding banners to collection pages

Banner images can be added to Blockshop's collection pages.

blockshop collection banner demo

To add an collection image, navigate to the collection in your store admin under Product > Collections then upload an image via the image upload.

You can choose to center align the image and description by selecting all the content and choosing align > center from the text editor controls.

You can make the collection banner image any size, although if you would like the banner to stretch the width of the content at any browser width you will need to add in width="100% to your image tag.

To do this, go to the code view <>

blockshop collection banner admin

Below is an example of an image tag with width specified:

<img src="http://image-url" width="100%" />

Collection image

The collection image is used on your store's collections listing page on /collections.

These images are best suited to more standard landscape dimensions. If you don't upload a collection image, it will pull the image of the first product in the collection.