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Add a video section to your storefront

To enable a video section on your storefront, navigate to the Sections tab in the theme editor and select Add section > Video.

Video settings

You can configure the settings to display video with playback controls or as auto-playing video without sound. Additional settings allow you to customize the look and feel of the section with height controls, optional text overlays and a call-to-action button.

This feature supports YouTube and Vimeo videos only.

Video with playback control

To allow customers control over playback, simply add a thumbnail image to the theme settings. This configuration is best suited for video with audio, such as informational or instructional videos.

Standard banner

Please note - some of these controls may yield to the preferences and configurations of the customers' browser or device type.

Auto-playing video

Videos will play automatically without sound if a thumbnail image is not uploaded to the settings. This configuration is best suited for campaign videos that give a dynamic, editorial feel to your storefront.

video banner