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Using Apps with themes

Choosing apps

The majority of Shopify Apps are developed by third-party developers. Before installing an app, it's a good idea to first check with the app developer to see if their app is compatible with our themes.

As theme developers, we're unable to modify our code to make our themes compatible with any app because resolving one issue for one app often introduces errors in other theme functionality or other apps.


Apps that edit or add elements to the front-end or core functionality of the store often add javascript files that increase page load time. Try to limit apps that affect the front-end to under 5 - if you don't have a need for an app, uninstall it.

We have a list of recommended apps where developers have agreed to keep their app updated to function with the updated versions of our themes.

Updating themes with apps

Adding apps to your store can help add new features and functionality, but can often make theme maintenance a little more complex.

Some apps require custom code to be added to theme files. When updating your theme, these customizations will have to be added back in to the new version. See more on how to update themes.