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Partners for customizations

We want to see you get the most from our themes and understand you may need to tailor themes out-of-the-box to suit your specific needs.

For theme tweaks and custom development outside the scope of our theme support we recommend the following:

Shopify's Expert Marketplace

Shopify Experts can help hire the help you need to successfully launch online. Their matching system pairs you with vetted specialists who have the skills and experience to fit your business needs and budget.


HeyCarson is a smaller Shopify expert team focused on theme customizations, simple and complex theme version updates, custom design and store optimization. We can take your lead on projects or help define and prioritize your project needs with you. Get smaller or larger projects assessed by a dedicated expert within one business day. Rates from $75/hour. Easy communication and speedy turnaround times.


Storetasker connects you directly with Shopify Experts for theme customizations including general additions to functionality, theme updates, third-party app configuration and more.