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Add collection page promotions


Collection grid promotions are available the following themes:

  • Beyond - versions 1.0.0 and up
  • Blockshop - versions 7.0.0 and up
  • Maker - versions 6.0.0 and up
  • Emerge - versions 4.0.0 and up


Promotional blocks can be added into Collection page grids to promote sales, collections, product information and more.

To add a collection promotion, navigate to the collection page settings, under Collection grid > Add promotion: collection page promos 01

Use the settings to configure the position, size and style of individual promotions:

Example 01: collection page promos 01

Example 02: collection page promos 01

Promotions that are too wide for the product grid

Be sure that promotions have enough space to render inside the product grid. For example, a promotion inside a grid that is two columns wide should have a maximum width of two. Although the promotion will render correctly if the width is wider than the space available, it could effect pagination.

By default, grid promotions will appear on all product collections. If you'd like to display a promotion on a specific collection only, you can select a collection in the Only display for setting.

collection page promos 01