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Customizing blogs

Storefront blog posts

Blogs on the storefront will display in chronological order based on the date they're published. You can override this and 'pin' articles to the storefront using tags.

To do this, specify a tag in the blog settings under the Filter by tag section. In the example below we use the tag pinned: alt text

From the blog admin, add the tag to the article you wish to pin to the storefront. alt text

Blog Layout

Featured article banner

You can set a featured article that will display as a full-width banner at the top of the blog. To feature a blog post, set a tag in the blog settings. In the example below we used the tag featured:

alt text

From the blog admin, add the tag to blog post you'd like to set as the featured article: alt text

Tip - Hide tags

You can prevent tags from showing in the blog filter by adding them into the blog settings shown below: alt text

Grid settings

You can set the number of columns to change the look and feel of the blog. alt text

For a grid style layout, make sure all of the featured images are the same size. If you'd like more of a staggered 'masonry style', mix up the aspect ratios of features images. alt text

Read more about optimizing images in our image size guide.

Article page layout

You can display an optional featured image and set the blog title to sit above, below or left of the image.

alt text

Embedding images

In most cases, you want to set the images size for embedded images to original. This will ensure the images span the width of the article. alt text If your blog images are appearing cropped or smaller than the original, double check the size settings above when embedding them from the editor.