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Troubleshooting issues

If you're experiencing issues with your theme, try working through our troubleshooting steps.

Disable Apps

If you have recently installed an app and think it might be causing an issue try disabling it or any others you think might be related to the problem.

For example, if your issue is occurring on the product page, look for any apps related to the product page such as product reviews, product subscriptions and disable them one by one.

Deleting apps

Many apps require code to be added to template files when you install them. Deleting the app from your app dashboard does not always delete them entirely, you may need to remove code added to the theme's template files.

Contact the app developer or visit their documentation for instruction on how to uninstall the app.

If you find disabling a particular app resolves the issue, reach out to the app developer and explain the issue. They will be more familiar with their code and have probably dealt with this conflict on other themes.

We're happy to answer any questions app developers have regarding compatibility, so feel free to CC our support in the conversation.

Rollback changes

If code changes have been made to your theme files, it's possible these customizations may be conflicting with the theme or causing issues. If your developer made customizations around the time you noticed the issue, it's best to contact them before submitting a support request.

If you made the changes yourself to template files, you can try reverting to an older version using Shopify's roll back code functionality. In Shopify's template editor, a circle will appear beside theme templates that have been modified.

Install a fresh copy

Download a fresh copy of the theme and compare it with your published version to see if the problem persists on a new install. This can help determine whether the issue is from customizations made to template files. If you would like to download an earlier version of the theme, submit a support request.